Access Statement

There is a flat paved area to two front doors.
The main entrance to the Guest House is 42 inches wide with a 3 inch step.
You enter the front door into the hall which is carpeted.
A ground floor double en-suite bedroom just off the hall has a door which is 32 inches wide.
The bathroom door is 26 inches wide.
There is another front door which is 40 inches wide bringing you into another entrance hall which is carpeted taking you to a twin bedded en-suite room. The bedroom door is 32 inches wide and the bathroom door is 26 inches wide.
Our Dining Room is also situated on the ground floor and on the level and is easily accessible from both ground floor bedrooms. Both dining room doors are 30 inches wide.
There are 11 steps and a dog leg with 4 more steps to the first floor, and 11 steps and a dog leg with 5 more steps up to the second floor